Member's Area


The CMA, or "Comparative Market Analysis," is an important tool for real estate agents who want to produce a professional report for prospective sellers. 

Member Profile Page

The Member Profile section provides contact information regarding the member agent. This is the information that will show up on the member's property descriptions, both online and on printable information sheets.


This video shows members how the use the general Search function of MLSVallarta, and explains the differences between searching on the public side of MLS, and in the member’s only section of the administration area.

Sending Emails

This video shows how to send emails to other members of MLSVallarta.

How to Upload a New Property

This video shows how members can add new properties to the MLS database.

Search Feed Block

Insert a Search Feed anywhere on your website using a Gutenberg Block.

Feed Block

Create and edit a property feed block for your website with the MLSVallarta Feed Block.

Agency Exclusives

Create a page containing all your agency exclusives using a Gutenberg block.

MLSVallarta Developments

Our development page feature allows you to display a list of all the developments available in MLSVallarta with their inventory.

Banxico Key and MXN Prices

Comply with the new NOM and display all the property prices in MXN using a Banxico Key with your MLSVallarta WP Plugin.

Agents Block

Add an agents block to your site content with our new MLSVallarta "Agents Block"

Edit an MLS Vallarta Plugin Shortcode

Editing an MLS Vallarta Plugin Shortcode is very easy.

MLS Plugin Shortcodes

Create a Condos in Marina Vallarta Page on your Site

MLS Plugin

This video will help you install the MLS inventory on your website.