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Tenacatita Real Estate

Tenacatita Region

A few kilometers down from Careyes is the Bay of Tenacatita, one of largest on the Mexican coastline. There are long beaches around the bay broken up mangrove swamps on the northern side, rising to high hills and a lusher foliage on the southern where lies Tamarindo. Along this shoreline are a few boutique resorts and small seaside communities such as La Manzanilla, Boca de Iguanas, Los Ángeles Locos, Punta Serena, Tenacatita and Tecuán. 

Tucked in the southeastern corner is the small seaside town of La Manzanilla with a population of about 3,000, made up of locals and a surprisingly large and actively involved expat community. Most of the services one would need can be found here, such as food markets, fish cooperative, some boutiques and a pharmacy, although for gas or banking one needs to go to Melaque just 15 km away. It is a surprisingly relaxed lifestyle that has attracted numerous Canadians and Americans.

Tamarindo is a 150 hectare development that is owned by businessman/banker Roberto Hernandez, and was originally developed by Grupo Situr some years ago. It lies on the southern most shores of the bay of Tenacatita, a rugged, lush peninsula that juts out into ocean and separates Tenacatita from the neighboring bays of Melaque and Barra de Navidad. There were to be 52 estate lots, a golf course and a boutique hotel. The hotel and golf course were built, but few homesites were ever sold and fewer homes were ever built. The hotel shut down a few years ago and will be reopening as a Four Seasons resort/hotel with 160 rooms. Whatever real estate there is has been off the market for some time now. Tamarindo seems to be more a private estate for Mr. Hernandez, who has a spectacular home on one of the points overlooking the Pacific.

Tenacatita Real Estate Options

Most real estate options involve small homes within the town of La Manzanillo. There are beachfront properties available around parts of the bay, although some of it remains ejido.

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