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Chacala is a charming seaside community just north of Guayabitos that is seen quite a bit of growth over the past few years. The town itself is tucked into a small bay, situated alongside Playa Chacala. To the north is Playa Chacalilla while in between the land juts out, creating a peninsula that is home to numerous homes and villas. Marina Chacala, set inside a picturesque little bay, is a gated community built around a small marina with single family homes and a beach club. Further north of Chacalilla is Punta Chacala, a coastline with high-end properties nestled along its shores.

Chacala is the closest beach to the large metropolitan area of Guadalajara, making it very popular with the national market. But Canadians and Americans have also discovered its charm as well, creating a burgeoning real estate market and diverse community. And with the new highway it is close than ever to other Nayarit communities and to the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.

Real estate opportunities have opened up tremendously recently with homes, townhouses and condominium opportunities available close to town, with larger homes and villas available northwards on the peninsula and the coastline in and around Chacalilla.

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