Valle de Banderas

Valle de Banderas Real Estate

Valle de Banderas Region

Valle de Banderas is a very large sub-region that extends up the valley following the north shore of the Ameca River. It is made up extensively of farmland and a few communities such as San Vicente, San Juan and San Jose. Very little of the housing for sale in this region would be classified as tourism real estate.

The Market

The Market

Tourism real estate is rather limited in this area.

Valle de Banderas Map

Properties for Sale in Valle de Banderas

Photo of Edificio Felix
$2,590,000 usd

Edificio Felix

Valle de Banderas


$2,590,000 usd / 43,173,487 mxn

17 Bedrooms
20 Baths
517 m2 Land
Photo of PH Barlovento
$1,278,000 usd

PH Barlovento

Valle de Banderas


$1,278,000 usd / 21,303,365 mxn

4 Bedrooms
4 Baths
271 m2 Construction
Photo of Los Arbole 46 Ceiba, NA, Riviera Nayarit
$699,000 usd

Los Arbole 46 Ceiba, Na, Riviera Nayarit

Valle de Banderas


$699,000 usd / 12,618,100 mxn

3 Bedrooms
4 Baths
602 m2 Land
Photo of Condo Azulejos
$305,236 usd

Condo Azulejos

Valle de Banderas


$305,236 usd / 5,189,000 mxn

2 Bedrooms
2 Baths
110 m2 Construction
Photo of Parcela San José
$294,000 usd

Parcela San José

Valle de Banderas


$294,000 usd / 4,900,774 mxn

10,000 m2 Land
Photo of Condo Porton del Cielo 3A
$179,400 usd

Condo Porton Del Cielo 3A

Valle de Banderas


$179,400 usd / 3,050,000 mxn

1 Bedrooms
1 Baths
81 m2 Construction