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The small beachfront town of Lo de Marcos is located north of San Francisco (San Pancho), and a few kilometers before the larger regional community of Guayabitos. It is a favorite of budget American/Canadian travelers, or those who like something a little more rural and "Mexican" than larger resort towns like Vallarta. Life revolves around the beach, with people getting around in golf carts, ATVs and bicycle. 

In the heart of the town is a new, large plaza centered with a gazebo, a favorite place for families to gather in the evenings. There are numerous restaurants, both in town and along the beach. The protected waters are usually calm making swimming and ocean activities popular.

Real estate tourism development has not reached Lo de Marcos, at least to a large, more sophisticated degree. Beachfront homes are available, as well as inside the town, and recently there has been some new condominium development taking place. One has to be careful as to what is available, whether title is available or it is ejido property

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Foto de Hotel Margarita
$1,200,000 usd

Hotel Margarita

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10 Bedrooms
10 Baths
495 m2 Land