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723 properties found

Photo of Rancho Loretto: 573.81 ha de Terreno a la Venta en la Cruz de Loreto, Jalisco
$98,000,000 usd

Rancho Loretto: 573.81 Ha de Terreno a La Venta en La Cruz de Loreto, Jalisco

Costa Majahuas


$98,000,000 usd / 1,672,860,030 mxn

5,738,100 m2 Land
Photo of Casa Brisa Dulce
$20,995,000 usd

Casa Brisa Dulce

Punta de Mita


$20,995,000 usd / 376,035,147 mxn

6 Bedrooms
10 Baths
2,789 m2 Land
Photo of Villa Pacífico - Presidential Villa
$16,995,000 usd

Villa Pacífico - Presidential Villa

Punta de Mita


$16,995,000 usd / 304,392,347 mxn

7 Bedrooms
7.5 Baths
1,969 m2 Construction
Photo of Casa Xari
$13,990,000 usd

Casa Xari

Costa Banderas


$13,990,000 usd / 250,570,693 mxn

10 Bedrooms
14 Baths
2,278 m2 Land
Photo of Estate Lots of El Banco Lot 3
$11,000,000 usd

Estate Lots Of El Banco Lot 3

Costa Banderas


$11,000,000 usd / 197,017,700 mxn

6,658 m2 Land
Photo of Villa Boho: Magnificence in the Hills of Amapas, Puerto Vallarta
$7,700,000 usd

Villa Boho: Magnificence In The Hills Of Amapas, Puerto Vallarta



$7,700,000 usd / 138,600,000 mxn

8 Bedrooms
12 Baths
1,078 m2 Land
Photo of casa mar
$7,200,000 usd

Casa Mar

Nuevo Vallarta


$7,200,000 usd / 136,800,000 mxn

6 Bedrooms
7.5 Baths
2,281 m2 Land
$6,500,000 usd

Edificio Malecon



$6,500,000 usd / 115,000,000 mxn

3 Bedrooms
6 Baths
517 m2 Land
Photo of Quetzal 4
$5,995,000 usd

Quetzal 4

Punta de Mita


$5,995,000 usd / 107,374,647 mxn

4 Bedrooms
4.5 Baths
335 m2 Construction
Photo of Villa Olivia
$5,975,000 usd

Villa Olivia



$5,975,000 usd / 107,016,433 mxn

27 Bedrooms
32 Baths
212 m2 Land
Photo of Quinta Maria Cortez - Casa Tres Vidas
$5,950,000 usd

Quinta Maria Cortez - Casa Tres Vidas

Conchas Chinas


$5,950,000 usd / 107,100,000 mxn

19 Bedrooms
20 Baths
621 m2 Land
Photo of Cancion del Mar
$5,950,000 usd

Cancion Del Mar

La Cruz de Huanacaxtle


$5,950,000 usd / 106,568,665 mxn

5 Bedrooms
5 Baths
1,857 m2 Land