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Cabo Corrientes, as a sub-region of Costalegre, serves as the southernmost point of Banderas Bay and as well as the entrance into Costalegre from the north. It is quite mountainous, covered for the most part with lush tropical forest along a rugged coastline, interspersed with small white-sand beaches, creating a stark contrast to the almost desert-like geography at Punta Mita on the opposite side of the bay. Within the bay, Cabo Corrientes’ shoreline features a few small fishing villages or beach destinations such as Yelapa, Las Ánimas, Quimixto, and Chimo. Its outer shoreline is even more desolate with just a couple of seaside settlements such as Mayto, Aquiles Serdan, and Tehuamixtle. There is one inland town, El Tuito, which meets up with the coastal highway that cuts across the point and provides access to Costalgre from Puerto Vallarta. El Tuito, 40 km. (25 miles south of Vallarta, is the municipal head of Cabo Corrientes, has roughly 3,000 inhabitants, and is the oldest population of the municipality.

Prior to the downturn in 2008, a large development was scheduled for release here called Costa Corrales. The first parcels were to be mega parcels ready for subdivision, but it was all put on hold shortly thereafter and where it remains today. 

Mayto is a small coastal town with little in the way of real estate tourism development. What is available should be confirmed whether it has been regularlized or is ejido. But the views and the beaches! Tehuamixtle is close by and is even smaller with even less chance of development. As the coast runs south it becomes flatter and more sparse, and there are some tracts of land, small ejido lots that have been bought and sold over the years but not much has been built.

But if you really want to get away from it all, live life on a spectacular beach and don't mind dealing with "grey areas" regarding zoning, title and such, this may be the place. To read what someone has written who has done exactly that, check out The Mexican Diaries on Amazon.

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El Tuito Real Estate

El Tuito Real Estate

El Tuito Real Estate

El Tuito Real Estate

El Tuito Real Estate

El Tuito Real Estate

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