Puerto Vallarta Covid Upate

by MLS Vallarta - April 28, 2020

Puerto Vallarta Covid Upate

For those outside of Puerto Vallarta and wondering what’s been going on in PV during the Covid-19 outbreak, here’s a short update.

First, Vallarta is quite empty and quiet. Traffic is estimated to be a third of what it usually is. The beaches and parks are closed, along with the Malecón - the beachfront boardwalk. Those over 60 years of age are restricted to staying inside while those below 60 can go out, but not without a mask and only for work or to pick up essential supplies. Those that disregard these rules could be arrested and held for up to 36 hours, although it is unsure if this is currently being enforced.

Many hotels have closed their doors and are not accepting people or reservations. Most condo projects are not accepting people if they are not the owners, so no-to-little Airbnb traffic. This has left many buildings quite empty. Almost all restaurants are closed and those that are open it is primarily to offer take out. 

Supermarkets are limiting the number of people allowed into the stores and only one family member at a time. Workers have masks and cash registers are behind acrylic barriers.

Real estate brokers say they are mostly working from home, and still receiving inquiries, although a lot less. Some closings have taken place at notary offices that are still open. Most offices are using their time to work on their websites and digital advertising strategies. Traffic on MLSVallarta has been cut to about 50% of what it usually sees at this time of year.