Tropicasa Realty makes the move towards Sustainability

by MLS Vallarta - March 12, 2015

Tropicasa Realty makes the move towards Sustainability

Consumers are growing more concerned about living efficiently and reducing their impact on the environment. Yet according to a recent study conducted by International Community Foundation, over 56% of respondents said they did not have any green or environmentally-friendly options when searching for a home in Mexico. Tropicasa Realty is looking to change that with a series of actions towards more eco-friendly practices and encouraging others to do the same to protect and enhance Puerto Vallarta as well as their homes.

The first step toward their new dedication to sustainable real estate business practices was a complete renovation of the Tropicasa Realty office space on Calle Púlpito 145-A, to show that sustainable design can not only be functional but also beautiful.

“Sustainability does not necessarily just mean ‘going green.’ It involves many facets, including social, economic, and environmental. We are looking at improving our efficiency for the benefit of the clients; implementing new processes and procedures to reduce waste of not only materials but also time; and educating and contributing to the public awareness of the benefits of sustainability as a whole”, says President and Founder Wayne Franklin.

As one of the first real estate agencies to strongly advocate maintainable practices in Puerto Vallarta, Tropicasa Realty is not only providing a sustainable option to home buyers, but an opportunity for sellers to receive additional exposure for their properties through new digital and media strategies and advertising campaigns being launched by the agency.

While Tropicasa Realty has updated its imaging for today’s world and is listening to the new demands of its clients, it remains true to the hallmarks and core principles that clients have come to expect and appreciate from the company for nearly 20 years in the community.

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