Mexico Top Country for Real Estate Affordablity

by John Youden - January 23, 2019

Mexico Top Country for Real Estate Affordablity recently posted an article, (and it was re-featured in USA Today), which looked at real estate data from 36 developed (OECD) countries and calculated the places where you get the most home for the least amount of money. And Mexico came in second place. Although for Americans and Canadians looking for a place for a second home somewhere warm, it really is in first place.

By these rankings, #1 and #3 are Turkey and Russia. I think we can take them off of the list right away as with all that is going on in Turkey, and how far away it is, it really isn’t a good option. Russia is just too cold, (amongst other reasons) as is #4, Latvia. Greece is #5, and a decent option with great weather and coastlines, but again, a long ways away for Americans and Canadians.

Next are Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, and again, too cold! Chile is #9 which also involves a very long flight from the USA and Canada. Mexico, which placed second, really is the best option when it comes to price and ease-of-reach by air from most major North American cities. The next realistic choice is staying home, with the USA at #10, but that’s a long ways down the list from Mexico for affordability.