International Living Retirement Index

by John Youden - January 14, 2018

International Living Retirement Index

Each year the staff at International Living compile an index that lists what they consider to be the most popular retirement destinations in the world. To create the list they take into consideration climate, cost of living, retiree discounts, infrastructure, accessibility of healthcare, amongst other things. Mexico came out in third position for 2016, just behind Panama and Ecuador.

They write, "Whether your dream retreat is a graceful colonial home with lavish gardens, a simple beachfront bungalow where you can prop up your feet on the rail and watch the tide roll in, an expansive hacienda with enough acreage for horses to roam, or a cliff side villa with sunset views and cool, steady breezes, you are likely to find it in Mexico."

For Americans and Canadians, Mexico perhaps tops the other two because of its close proximity their home countries; both Panama and Ecuador are quite a ways away from home for most North Americans. Living in Mexico can meet getting back home can be just a few hours away, definitely a big plus.

The site contains a lot of very useful information for those considering retirement and are not sure where they'd like to spend their retirement days.