Barra de Navidad Real Estate

Barra de Navidad

The most developed region of Costalegre would that situation in and around Barra de Navidad. With a population of about 7,000, Barra serves a service provider to the region. It is a small farming and fishing community with a sizable American and Canadian community. There are numerous hotels ranging in quality from low-end to luxurious and far more real estate opportunities than you’ll find elsewhere along Costalegre, unless your price doesn’t have a limit.

The large lagoon behind Barra de Navidad is criss-crossed by small fishing boats gathering scallops and transporting visitors and locals from Barra to Isla Navidad and the Grand Bay Hotel. Taxi boats also carry passengers to and from the small community of Colimilla where restaurants line the shore.

Isla Navidad

Within Isla Navidad there are two hotels; the large Grand Bay along with a smaller boutique hotel. There is also a full-service marina, and 27-holes of golf designed by Robert von Hagge. 

There are real estate opportunities in Barra de Navidad, such as golf, beach, and marina homes and condominiums.

North of Barra de Navidad, at the far end of the beach, is Melaque, which is really an amalgamation of the towns of San Patricio and Villa Obregón, and that is in some ways a neighborhood or an extension of Barra.

Barra de Navidad Real Estate Options

Within Barra de Navidad real estate is moderately priced, offering primarily residential homes within the town, overlooking the beach, or along three of the canals that enter into the town and provide homes with their own private docks and therefore easy access to the sea. Across the lagoon with Isla Navidad real estate is a little more expensive, offering both homes and condominiums situated either in the marina, on the golf course or along the beach.

Below are listed some of the Barra de Navidad Real Estate properties currently listed for sale.

Some Properties in Barra de Navidad

Foto de Casa Encanto

$120,000 USD

Armada 17, Barra de Navidad


  • Area Icon 130 m2
  • Room Icon 2
  • Baths Icon 2.5

Beautiful 2 bedroom new house for sale in Barra de Navidad, located in the Cabo blan


$159,000 USD

Parcela 168/3, Barra de Navidad


  • Area Icon 0 m2
  • Room Icon 0
  • Baths Icon 0

Just 100kms (60 miles) South of Puerto Vallarta awaits an amazing beachfront lot. T

Foto de Condo Ensenada

$140,000 USD

Galeon 42-E, Barra de Navidad


  • Area Icon 105.3 m2
  • Room Icon 2
  • Baths Icon 2

Condo Ensenada at El Oasis is a two bedroom plus unit, offered completely equipped,

Foto de Condo Bahamas

$120,000 USD

Galeon 42-B, Barra de Navidad


  • Area Icon 91.69 m2
  • Room Icon 1
  • Baths Icon 2

Condo Bahamas at El Oasis is a one bedroom (plus) unit on the ground floor, offered

Foto de Condo Cozumel

$122,000 USD

Galeon 42-C, Barra de Navidad


  • Area Icon 105.42 m2
  • Room Icon 1
  • Baths Icon 2

Condo Cozumel at El Oasis is a one bedroom (plus flex room) unit, offered completely

Foto de Condo Fiji

$122,000 USD

Galeon 42-F, Barra de Navidad


  • Area Icon 89.74 m2
  • Room Icon 1
  • Baths Icon 2

El OASIS is the new luxury condominium resort in Barra de Navidad that offers the be