How to Find your Puerto Vallarta Dream Home

It's So Simple

Home Searching in 3 Easy Steps

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Get to Know the Area

Browse through our regional description pages to become thoroughly familiar with popular neighborhoods and what they have to offer

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Search for Properties

Utilize Quick or Map Search to find suitable properties and save them to "My Favorites"

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Contact an Agent or Developer

Review the Agency or Developer directories to find someone you’d like to work with and provide them with a copy of your "Favorites" report for showings



Get to Know the Area

Before searching, it is recommended you first identify the area, or areas, you like best. To do so, there are five important factors you should take into consideration: Location, View, Size, Amenities and Time.

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Home or Condo? New or Re-Sale?

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For Properties

Once you’ve identified the regions that you like these, it’s time to start searching for properties. You’ll find at the bottom of each region or sub-region page, properties that are currently for sale in that region.

Or, you can utilize these two search engines:

  1. Quick Search: Enter your search criteria and the results flows below. Continue to tweak your search until you find the properties you like best
  2. Map Search: If you prefer a more visual presentation, try searching for properties on a map of the region. Choose your search criteria and the properties that fulfill those results will appear on the map. Click on any one of the property icons for more information

Create a "My Favorites" account

  • Save the properties you like best to your favorites list
  • No need to create a password & username, unless you want to save your list long term
  • We won’t contact you, nor share your email address with anyone - our promise

Helpful TIP

Become Familiar with the Buying Process

  • Understand the Buying Process: Buying Real Estate in Mexico
  • Review this article for extensive information here regarding all aspects of the buying process for Mexican real estate.
  • Got Questions? Read this, or ask Ily!



An Agent or Developer

Once you have identified the neighborhoods you like best and saved some to your Favorites, it is time to then select a real estate agent to assist you. Because...

  • Buying real estate in Mexico is different than in Canada and the U.S. - the laws are different
  • To be legal the transaction has to be in Spanish
  • Most sellers prefer to work through an intermediary

You could just contact the listing agent for each property that you’ve saved in your Favorites, but you might want to do a little homework in this area as well, as working with a good agent is an important and integral part of the buying process. They not only will provide you access to the properties you’d like to view, but they can also inform you further about the buying process, and most importantly, they will be negotiating on your behalf.

So choose someone you are comfortable with. Look through the Agent Directories. Check out some of the agent descriptions in Marketplace, where many have their resumes along with satisfied customer testimonials. Vallarta Real Estate Agents Directory

And lastly, ask people who have already purchased what their opinions are; they’ve already been through the process.

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