Five Ways to Search MLSVallarta

At MLSVallarta there are a number of ways you can search for properties currently listed for sale in and around Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit: Quick Search, by map, by region, by real estate project, by real estate agency or real estate agent.

1. Quick Search

This may be the easiest way to begin searching as there are pre-established searches utilizing the most commonly sought search criteria. View these or establish your own searches and the results appear immediately. 

2. Map Search

If you aren’t too familiar with the popular regions and sub-regions of Vallarta and Nayarit, you may want to try out the map search, which allows you to see exactly where the properties are located. 

3. Area Search

If you know the area or “sub-region” that you are most interested in you can go directly to the “Regions” section and you’ll find a selection of the properties that are currently listed for sale at the bottom of each sub-region description page.

4. Development Search

If it is a particular real estate development that you are interested in, be it a new project or an already sold-out one (re-sales), you can find out what is currently for sale by looking under “Developments” and the description for each project profiled. The Cross Reference provided is especially handy.

5. Agency/Agent Search

Or, if you are interested in what a particular real estate agency has for sale you’ll find it listed on their profile page under “Agencies”. You can also narrow it down to a particular top agent by checking out “Marketplace” and the profile pages under “Real Estate Agents”.