Valle Jalisco Real Estate

The northerly and southerly sides of Banderas Bay are shaped by a small mountain range providing hillside elevation for the towns and real estate developments built here. In the center of this coastline starts a large agricultural valley that provides a long beach at bay shore, fed by the Ameca River that stretches back for many miles. On the Jalisco side of the valley, extending from the Ameca River (the northwest border) eastward around Vallarta and Pitillal  is the region known Valle Jalisco (as this side of the valley is in the state of Jalisco). It includes everything along the highway from Marina Vallarta, around the airport, and back into the valley. This area encompasses mostly low-end residential homes, businesses, and farms, with little tourism real estate development. The main small towns on this side of the river are Las Juntas, Ixtapa, and Las Palmas. The road through these towns eventually heads into the hills to the towns of the Sierra Madre. These have not been traditionally popular with foreigners, except for Talpa, which has seen some tourist development in recent years.

Keep in mind...

  • Limited tourism real estate in this region, not many properties for sale.
  • Close to the airport and highway.
  • Mostly low-end residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods, even farmland.

Valle Jalisco Map

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Some Properties in Valle Jalisco

Foto de Hacienda Hexagonia

$97,000 USD

Rancho El Limon camino a Las Palmas, Las Palmas


  • Area Icon 0 m2
  • Room Icon 0
  • Baths Icon 0


Foto de Terreno del Rio

$259,000 USD

Las Juntas, Las Juntas


  • Area Icon 101 m2
  • Room Icon 0
  • Baths Icon 0

Excellent flat spacious lot with office/residence plus a warehouse. Fully fenced and

Foto de Casa Villa Las Palmas

$60,000 USD

Benito Juárez 476, fraccionamiento Villa Las Palmas, Las Juntas


  • Area Icon 97.5 m2
  • Room Icon 3
  • Baths Icon 2

Casa Villa Las Palmas is an adorable home located in the quiet Villa Las Palmas comm

Foto Default

$36,000 USD

Manzana 30 zona 02 del Poblado Valle de Banderas Municipio de Puerto Vallarta Estado de Jalisco, Las Juntas


  • Area Icon 0 m2
  • Room Icon 0
  • Baths Icon 0

Excellent investment option is this land of 225 square meters, located in Las Juntas

Foto de Casa Zacateca

$105,000 USD

222 Zacatecas Mojoneras, Aeropuerto


  • Area Icon 120 m2
  • Room Icon 1
  • Baths Icon 1

Great size lot which includes a house with 1 bedroom, and 1 1/2 baths, kitchen and p

Foto de Terreno Hernandez

$4,286,000 USD

Carretera Ixtapa Las Palmas, Ixtapa


  • Area Icon 0 m2
  • Room Icon 0
  • Baths Icon 0

This is a great land with excellent mixed zoning, fabulous to build a huge industria