Sierra Madre Real Estate

The towns of the Sierra Madre are some of Jalisco's oldest communities. Mascota at one time was bigger than Guadalajara. San Sebastian was once a bustling silver mining town with more than 20,000 people, today there are less than 500. If any of the towns have seen real estate purchased by foreigners who want a second home up in the mountains where the weather is temperate year-round, it is Talpa. The three towns are a couple of hours out of Vallarta and are a popular place to visit for people in PV. But so far, it has not been of great demand for expats looking for a second home.

Sierra Madre Jalisco Map

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Some Properties in Sierra Madre

Foto de Hacienda Jalisco

$869,000 USD

Camino Real S/N, San Sebastian del Oeste, Municipio de Mascota, Jalisco, San Sebastian del Oeste


  • Area Icon 300 m2
  • Room Icon 3
  • Baths Icon 5

A winding, fern-lined cobblestone driveway welcomes you into Hacienda Jalisco, a mag

Foto de Lote La Huerta

$650,000 USD

Epigmenio González # 2, Mascota


  • Area Icon 1421 m2
  • Room Icon
  • Baths Icon

Great location in Mascota, downtown. Amazing land that has entrance from Epigmenio G