Subregion: Conchas Chinas

Conchas Chinas Photo

A little farther south from downtown, just past the sub-region of Amapas, is one of Vallarta's oldest and most prestigious developments, Conchas Chinas. It is an upscale residential neighborhood with both upper and lower sections divided by the Carr. 200 South highway where one will find exemplary samples of Conchas Chinas real estate. Here, traditional Vallarta-style villas and modern condominiums sit next to each other, sharing a spectacular view of Banderas Bay, in the case of those located high up on the hill, or within walking distance to the beach, or direct access to it for the lower sections.

The steep winding roads are an adventure to explore, with many open spaces where you will be tempted to stop your car and take a few snapshots of the spectacular vistas available from several high vantage points. The sandy beaches, rock, grottos and hidden coves are just as fun, as they are accessible by car, or you can actually reach them directly from Los Muertos beach on foot.