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Rancho El Tuito

El Tuito, El Tuito, El Tuito

  • Building Icon Lot
  • Area Icon 2040000 m2
  • Room Icon 0
  • Baths Icon 0
  • Garage Icon Yes

El Tuito Jalisco is located only 1 hr. South of Puerto Vallarta´s downtown. Rich in old culture with a quaint main plaza that throws you back to old times, this town takes those who are adventurous back to the basics. The general population works in horticulture providing the region with some of the best produce including coffee, mangos, agave, tomatoes. El Tuito boasts a climate different from that of the coast as it is located inland and high above sea level. Foliage includes pine trees, citrus and many crops. Undiscovered beaches are located 25 minutes heading west where a quiet coastal lifestyle can be found with an abundance of seafood and rare, never ending stretches of golden sand. Those seeking a home away from home for a weekend retreat or a domestic environment.