Subregion: Chamela

Chamela Photo

Starting at the San Nicholas River, the coast of Chamela runs south as far as the town of Chamela, bordering with Costa Careyes. It is flanked at each end by two major developments; Las Alamandas to the north and the new ultra-luxury 7-star resort of the Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH) Group. The coastline becomes more rugged and lush than found in Majahuas to the north, with plenty of small coves and beaches dotting the shoreline.

In between is the small, secluded beachfront community of Pérula. There are just a few homes here, bordering a beautiful 8 km. stretch of a soft white sand beach that makes up most of the bay of Chamela. In front of Chamela are the islands La Colorada, Cocinas, San Andrés, Pajarera (reserve of exotic birds and ideal place for diving), Novilla, Esfinge, San Pedro, San Agustín, and La Negrita, home to a rich marine life and sea birds.