The placement and marketing of real estate properties and developments is done on an "agency" membership basis involving monthly fees. The MLS service is open to all real estate offices that are legally registered businesses in the region or any professional realtor registered with A.M.P.i., the local real estate association, and the Mexican tax authority. There are a number of different agency membership packages that have been created, and depending on the size of your office, number of property listings you have and your budget, will determine which package is right for you. If it is advertising on this website that you are interested in, we have banner ads available throughout the site in a number of different sizes and formats.

Agents may become members as well, if they work for an agency that is a member of Multi-List Vallarta. Membership fees are currently $1,500 pesos annually per agent.

For more information email us or call our office (322) 221-0537 or email at [email protected]

Multi-List (Agency) Membership Pricing


  • 100 - MLS Access
  • Email Broadcast
  • WP Plug-in (included)
  • Expanded Web Directory
  • Personal Assistant Access
  • Marketplace Option*
  • Print Catalog PDF
  • REG Classifieds **
  • Developer Discounts


  • 50 - MLS Access
  • Email Broadcast
  • WP Plug-in*
  • Web Directory
  • (not included)
  • Marketplace Option*
  • Print Catalog PDF
  • REG Classifieds**
  • No Dev Discount


  • 0
  • Email Broadcast
  • WP Plug-in*
  • Web Directory
  • (not included)
  • Marketplace Option*
  • Print Catalog PDF
  • REG Classifieds**
  • No Dev Discount

* Additional Fee

** VREG Classified listings cost $120 pesos each

Multi-Dev (Developer) Membership Pricing

For real estate developers we offer a two-tier system for promoting real estate developments. First, we promote the development itself and the amenities it offers. This is very unique to MLS database as usually just the individual properties of the project are shown, and not the development itself. This information is provided in our Developments section and also within the Map Search. And then all the units that are part of the development are featured in the actual MLS database, within the Map Search and also Quick Search. This ensures that visitors to the site will become familiar not just with the condominiums or homes you may have for sale, but also the development itself.

The MLS service is open to all real estate developments that are legally registered businesses in the region.

When tied in with print advertising in Vallarta Lifestyles and/or the Vallarta Real Estate Guide, real estate developers have what is probably the best form of promotion one can find for promoting real estate in Vallarta and Nayarit, and to the whole world for that matter, online at For more information all VLGE marketing services visit here or contact our office


$1,375 monthly
  • 1 Development
  • Email Broadcast
  • Catalogs $130
  • Unlimited Properties
  • Expanded Directory
  • REG Classifieds

Description of Memberships & Services

Real Estate Brokers

No matter what the size of your office or budget, VLPG can help you in some way to help market your office brand and real estate properties. VLPG has been helping real estate brokers in Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit for more than twenty years, starting with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that was the first of its kind in Mexico. Today, our MLS service has 70 real estate office members and another 20 real estate developments participating in the service. But MLS is just one of our many services!

Some of our services, such as the MLS, are limited to member’s only, but there are many “open” services available as well, such as advertising in our print and web publications.

Services Provided for Members:

  • Submitting of property listings to the Multiple Listing System (MLS)
  • Access to member's only back-end system of MLV
  • Vallarta Real Estate Guide's Classified Advertising
  • Unlimited sales agents can join as Affiliates at very low cost
  • Availability of MLV Interface for placement on office websites
  • Email Broadcasting for announcing new listings, changes or other information to all MLV members and Affiliates
  • "Marketplace" Profile Page (option) on

Membership Programs

Basic Agency MLV Service

This basic service is offered for real estate offices that do not have many listings, but want access to the more sophisticated search options available, reports, agent directory and email broadcasting, in the Member's Only section of the site.

Standard Agency MLV Service

This service provides expanded marketing services for member office listings online, on some of the best positioned websites available regarding real estate in the Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit region. Along with receiving the services offered above the following are also provided:

Premium Agency MLV Service

This is our deluxe marketing package that provides services for member office listings and real estate office contact information online, on some of the best positioned websites available regarding real estate in the Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit region. It also allows members to have their properties include inside the classified section of the Vallarta Real Estate Guide. Along with receiving the services offered above the following are also provided:

Salesperson MLV Service

This service is available for real estate salespeople who work for a real estate office that is a member of Multi-List Vallarta.

  • Password/Username to access Member's Only section (Individual Level)
  • Email Broadcasting (send and receive email broadcasts with other MLV members)
  • Salesperson's name will appear with the property listings on and in the MLV catalog
  • Can purchase MLV catalogs for $130 pesos each


If you are a real estate developer, there are a host of products and services that VLPG can provide you with to help market your project primarily through Multi-Dev Vallarta (MDV).

People find out what’s available for real estate opportunities in Vallarta or Riviera Nayarit by reading about it in a magazine, seeing or searching for it online (MLS), or through a real estate agent. At VLPG, we make it easy to reach prospective buyers through print and web publications and making sure that agents have the all information they need about your development.

Your first step should be to become a member of Multi-Dev Vallarta. One low-cost allows you to promote all your properties with Multi-Dev Vallarta, which distributes to real estate agents and the general public.

Services Provided for Members:

  • Submitting of property listings to the Multiple List System (MDV).
  • MLV Catalog Profile Page
  • Access to member's only back-end system of MDV
  • Email Broadcasting (limited)
  • Your Inventory will Appear: (see Image Gallery Below)
  • Detailed Development AND individual unit information on
  • Detailed Development full descriptions on
  • Detailed Development AND individual unit information on more than 30 Agency sites (What's this?)
  • Featured on (one of the top general interest sites about Puerto Vallarta)

Conditions of Membership

  • MLV membership is only available to established real estate companies legally set up in the Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit region.
  • MLV only accepts properties from real estate agents who have an exclusive listing agreement with the legal property owner.
  • MLV charges a monthly membership fee, varying depending on the level of service provided. This fee is charged monthly but billed quarterly.

Additional Services

Vallarta Real Estate Guide Classifieds Ads

All MLV members can choose to have their property listings also show up inside the Vallarta Real Estate Guide in the form of a classified listing with a photo and contact information for your office. Depending on the Program you have signed up for will indicate how many of your listings can appear for free as part of your program package. However, additional properties can be listed for a nominal fee of $100 pesos per month.

How's it work?

In the Member's Only section, there's a report where you can see all of your listings. You just check off which properties you would like to appear in the next issue (before the 15th of each month). If you go over your allotted amount, you'll be billed at the end of the month.

MLV Interface for Broker Website

MLV members can choose to have the MLS search interface appear on their own company websites. All properties of MLV and MDV appear but do NOT include the contact information of the listing offices. So people who visit your site will be directed to contact your office for more information. We incorporate your navigation bar into the Interface so that visitors will never actually know they have temporarily left your site. And all links go back to your site. Doing it in this manner keeps prices down and updating the system easy.

The installation process is simple and easy to do. There is a one-time installation fee of $200 USD and that's it. All updates to the system are done automatically after that so your website will always have the latest version of the MLV Search database.

NEW! Including Non-Exclusives and Office Listings in Office Website

Once you have the MLV Interface installed, you can also generate a separate page on your website to display only your listings. As well, if you have non-exclusive listings, you can enter these into MLV but mark them as non-exclusive and they will also show up on this page. One entry and you have all your listings showing up in one place.

This means you do not need any secondary software to display your office listings; it all can be done through MLV. That saves you time and money. You and your webmaster have the ability to stylize it show that it matches your websites, and its easy to install. Once it is, you don't have to think about it anymore, its done automatically.

Email Broadcasting

All members and affiliates can take advantage of our email broadcasting system that allows for users to send out emails to all real estate salespeople in the region and who are part of MLV. Its a simple as logging in to the Member's Only section and using the address book to send an email. You can send it to all members or a select individual. We do all the updating so the list is always current. The Address Book is also a great place to find member cellular numbers as well as it provides a full directory of all members.

There are three types of email broadcasting:

  • Promo: To announce new listings, updates or changes to your listings.
  • Biz: To discuss business matter regarding MLV, MDV and the general real estate market. (This is only available for Brokers)
  • Rentals: Strictly to announce information regarding rental listings.

Rules of Use

There are rules regarding using the email broadcast and those that abuse it will have their service taken away from them. Do not send out multiple emails each day. All you'll do is have other start ignoring your emails. So use it in a smart fashion.

  • MLV Email Broadcasting is only for properties that are part of Multi-List Vallarta, meaning not for pocket listing announcements.
  • Limit using the system to one or two announcement per week. If you overdue it, people get upset and will ignore your emails, which is counter-productive.
  • Don't submit rental emails to Promo or Biz! Or Promo emails to Biz or Rentals!
  • We have purposely not allowed for attachment to be included as too many people where sending large images. Include a link for it so people can view it on your website.