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In My Favorites you can save information on properties that you find most interesting. Simply click on the heart icon that is on each main property photo and that property will be automatically saved into your favorites. You’ll see a number appear next to “My Favorites” on the navigation bar, showing how many properties you currently have saved. Click on the star to remove a property.

NOTE: Your favorites are saved but only in cache memory. If you empty your cache they will be erased. If you want to ensure your favorites list is available next time you return to MLSVallarta then you should register your email address and create a password, which you can do here. MLSVallarta respects your rights and privacy so we won’t be contacting you or sharing your information with anyone - our promise.

Once your list is complete you can print it out or forward it by email to a real estate agent or developer for more information regarding the properties and arrange showings. It’s that simple!

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