There are now 25 real estate developments listed on MLSVallarta featuring the latest in new construction around Banderas Bay. You’ll find them all on a map shown here, along with full descriptions, photos, and floor plans of the main project and common areas, as well as the full inventory with details on each of the units still available. Here’s a recent update on some of the projects featured on

Harbor 171, represented by DOMUS Fine Real Estate, reports they have closed on 30 units and have 17 in process. You can contact them directly here, or with another of the following agencies that they have agreements with: Timothy Real Estate Group, Boardwalk Realtors, Elengorn Realtors, Canoa Bienes Raices, Beach Homes Vallarta, Propiedades Vallarta, Oasis Bay Realty y Mansion Homes.

Alamar has announced a pre-sale on their new Delta III tower. Prices start at US$192,000 for their 1, 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums, with a discount price for cash. For more information you can contact them here.

Palma del Rey, represented by Elengorn Realtors, reports that they now have on-site sales available between 3PM and 8PM with excellent discounts and payment plans. For more information you can contact them here.

At Pavilion, which is also represented by Elengorn Realtors, they have finished the first phase of deliveries for units on the 1-5 floors, as well as the common areas on the fifth floor where the swimming pool is located. For the month of May they are offering a 25% discount on west facing units. For more information you can contact them here.

At Pier 57, represented by Tropicasa Realty, they have one-bedroom units starting at US$280,000 and two-bedroom units at just under US$283,000. AND, there is a 20% discount now available on the following units: 202, 203, 204, 208, 211, 310, 409, and 410. There is a 7% discount available on these units, while they last: 306, 401, 510, PH6, PH9, PH10, PH11. For more information you can contact them here.